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Marital & Relationship Problems

Problems can cause two people to move further and further apart. The relationship becomes painfull and looses it meaning.
A solution focussed therapeutic approach is a necessity.

Post Traumatic Stress

After the experience of a very traumatic incident like a hijack, armed robbery, accidents, etc you'll often find immence difficulties with the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.

Emotional Problems

Any emotions like anger, fear, sadness and other can be addressed. Sometimes your emotions can be overwhelming and very confusing and then you need the help of a therapist to make sense of them.


The loss of a loved one is very traumatic and support in the process can be very beneficial.

Stress & Anxiety

The stressors could be at work or home. Techniques are given to manage stress and anxiety effectively in general but also in a particular situations.


Depression is characterised by different symptoms. These symptoms are distressing for the person and often disrupt different areas of their life. Their ability to function at work and relate in a meaningful way is affected. Life does not seem worthwhile and living hurts.

Divorce Counseling

Divorce is very often accompained by hurt, fear, disappointment and loss of selfworth. A healing process is needed.
Support is also given to design a new life.

Self-esteem Counselling

It is very difficult to address the challenges of life when you are not aware of you strenghts. Feeling good about yourself is essential to being happry and enjoying life.

HIV Counselling

Support to adapt to the awareness of having HIV & to have a positive attitube to life.

School Readiness

Address possible problems before your child goes to school so that he/she will have a good start to his/her school years.

Learning Problems

Assessment is done to determine what the possible cause of problem areas on his/her learning skills are. The neccessary recomendations will be given.

Behavioral & Emotional Problems

Very often the two go together. Children can also suffer from depression, it is in the interest of your child to establish the cause of the problem and assist him/her.

Vocational Choices

To be able to make an informed occupational decision, it is very important that you have knowledge of yourself and knowledge of different occupations.